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I’ll be honest. The number of messages I get on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, etc is overwhelming. For a while I tried to reply to everyone but it eventually became too much! I didn’t have  any time left for myself. 

Some of the questions I get require deep and thoughtful thinking to answer and they can take a lot of  time and energy to give a complete and accurate response. I really wish I could respond to every message I get (or even a quarter of them). But with running my business(es), and other responsibilities  (family, my dogs, horses, friends, hobbies) I just don’t have enough hours in the day to respond. 

I would love to give personalized advice to anyone who wants it but I can’t afford to give my time away when I have so little free time these days. So, I’ve recently launched a program that allows me to be  compensated for my time and enables groomers to get the personalized advice they are looking for.  

The virtual guidance program allows groomers to book a 30 minute long one on one session with me for  $30 dollars. Guidance sessions are usually done via FaceTime, Facebook Calls, etc and payment can be  sent via PayPal to 

Message me on Instagram (@ZoomGroom_Anna) if you are interested in booking a virtual guidance  session!

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